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Finding Great Vendors For My Restaurant

3 Tea Rules To Be Mindful Of When Enjoying Afternoon Tea With A Group

by Simon Best

Afternoon tea was traditionally taken towards the late afternoon. This tea time was meant as a way for people to relax at the end of the day right before dinner was eaten. Afternoon tea today is still fairly similar. It is accompanied by a series of pastries, sandwiches, and other sweets. In addition, there is tea etiquette that every tea drinker is expected to follow. These rules are more along the lines of unspoken rules. However, knowing these rules will come in handy if you are drinking tea with a group of people.

Sip do not Slurp

Tea is considered to be a delicate and dainty drink. As a result, it is expected that the tea is consumed as smoothly and delicately as possible. This means to always sip your tea and to avoid slurping. If you find the tea delicious, you might instinctively try to drink as much as possible, as quickly as possible. This can quickly lead to the slurping sounds and this is really frowned upon.

 Fold do not Stir

Teaspoons are used for drinking tea because the tea is consumed out of a tea cup. You might feel inclined to use your teaspoon to stir in sugar cubes and other additives, however, this should be avoided. The proper way to mix additives into your tea is by folding the tea. Stirring makes the process look messy and sloppy while folding your tea is seen as refined. Also, once you are done folding your tea, you want to remove the spoon from your cup before you drink from it.

Keep Your Tea Cup On Your Saucer

When you are not drinking directly out of your tea cup, it should always be resting on the saucer. This means that if you begin a conversation, you should place your tea cup down rather than keeping it airborne for the duration of the conversation. Also, avoid using your tea cup to point or make gestures. While it is easy to use the things around you as props while you speak, try to avoid the temptation. An easy way to avoid this is by placing your tea cup down immediately after drinking from it.

Afternoon tea is seen as a relaxing experience that can be shared among friends. However, not knowing the proper tea etiquette and rules can make the experience a bit stressful. Therefore, study this guide before having afternoon tea to make sure you do not break any tea time rules and enjoy your high tea, such as from Clumzy Clover Teas & Treasures.