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Finding Great Vendors For My Restaurant

Briny Bros: 3 Ways Kosher Pickles Help Solve Life's Problems

by Simon Best

Nothing beats a kosher pickle when you're craving a savory, crunchy accompaniment to a sandwich or burger. Those green delights with the bumpy skin have been part of the human diet for thousands of years. It turns out that those briny little cucumbers can do more for you than engage your taste buds.

Here are 3 other benefits of eating kosher pickles:

Kosher pickles are awesome diet food.

There are many diverse weight-loss plans out there advocating menus of only primitive foods, all-protein ingredients, or all-veggie meals. Dieters who switch from normal foods to weight-reducing menus may feel bored or deprived when their favorite foods are cut out of their diets.

Here comes the humble kosher pickle to the rescue. Packing around 24 calories each, you won't find a more satisfying way to watch your calories than adding a pickle to your plate.

Slice a kosher pickle into thin strips for a sandwich, chop one into bits to add to tuna or egg salad, or simply pack a whole pickle in your lunch for a low-calorie, delicious snack that will always please the taste buds.

Pickles seem to soothe the anxious.

Scientists continue to discover connections between our diets and our brains. Recently, researchers at the University of Maryland grew curious about fermented foods and how they affect people's moods.

Lo and behold, stress-prone people who ate foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, and kosher pickles reported less anxiety than those respondents who avoid fermented foods. Scientists speculate that there may be some probiotic component of these delicacies' chemical makeup that impacts human mood by working through the gut.

While the study isn't complete, it's certainly food for thought. The next time you're feeling nervous or tense, open the fridge and reach for that jar of crisp, garlicky kosher dills. They may be addictive for some, but it appears to be a healthy addiction after all.

Save the brine to spice up your cooking.

While we're on the subject of pickle jars, here's a reminder to stop pouring all of that precious brine down the drain when the pickles have all been gobbled up. If you do, you're wasting a cooking ingredient that can't be matched.

That briny liquid with the bits of spices is an excellent flavor enhancer and salad dressing ingredient. Add a dash to your favorite homemade soup, macaroni salad, or stir-fry. Or marinate meat with it before roasting or frying. The complex, bright flavors of kosher pickle juice, used sparingly, will perk up the flavors of almost any savory dish.

Now that you know the funny-looking pickle in your fridge door has some serious benefits, it's time to go check out some kosher pickle brands at your local market.