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Finding Great Vendors For My Restaurant

Four Reasons Why Foodies Should Switch Over To Loose Leaf Tea

by Simon Best

If you are a foodie, then you can appreciate purchasing tea from a loose-leaf tea store. Many people drink this beverage to relax or to wake up when they need an extra push. Tea can also have some medicinal purposes.

Drinking this beverage reduces your risk of a heart attack. It protects against degenerative and cardiovascular diseases. Here are four reasons why you should switch over to loose-leaf tea.

No Teabags

Loose-leaf tea is not brewed in a teabag. It is steeped, which allows the tea leaves to expand and absorb the water. This results in the water flowing through the leaves and extracting a variety of nutrients. The water becomes infused with aromas, flavors, minerals, and vitamins from the leaves. This results in getting a very fulfilling cup of tea in every aspect.

Flavor Profile Variety

This type of tea is categorized as a specialty beverage. The drink can be from a single state or an entire region. The flavor profile for loose-leaf tea can vary in appearance and aroma from year to year. When you buy tea from certain regions, there tends to be a difference in processing styles, aromas and flavors. Loose-leaf tea usually offers a more variety of flavors than standard tea.  

Carefully Hand-Selected

Regular tea bags are produced on a large scale. They usually sit in a warehouse for long time before you ever get to use them. The leaves used in the bags are low-grade and usually processed, picked, and packaged from somewhere overseas.

On the other hand, loose-leaf tea is hand selected and crafted by tea masters. The drink is packed in small batches and put in air-tight sealed containers. This approach allows consumers to get fresh handcrafted tea from the current year's crop.

Increases Your Flavor Palate

If you have a certain flavor profile, then you should look for that taste in loose tea. Some tea drinkers like to start off with the black or variety tea. It is important to not set limitations. You should also try unflavored teas. Sampling a variety of flavors increases your palate. After you develop your palate, you will have more appreciation for an unflavored tea.

If you care about what you drink, then you are more cautious of brands and ingredients.  Making the switch comes down to flavor, quality, and freshness. This type of tea is premium and the makers do not sacrifice quality for convenience. Check out a store like Diehl's Real Teas to find loose leaf tea.