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Finding Great Vendors For My Restaurant

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Finding Great Vendors For My Restaurant

Tips for Creating Some Alluring Fruit Platters for a Social Function

by Simon Best

Fresh fruits fit into just about any diet and can be used as the entry dish to a dinner or an addition to your dessert bar. If you plan on purchasing fruit from a specialty store and would like to use the items to create an attractive spread, selecting a variety of colors and textures and using some garnishing tips will assist with creating a display that is both generous and appealing to those who will be attending your social function.

Buy Fruits That Are in Season

Nothing speaks freshness more than fruits that are currently in season. Your guests will appreciate eating fruit varieties that have recently been harvested, and the fruits will add a nice touch to a seasonal event that is being held at a specific time of the year. Make a list of fruit types that you would prefer to use or consult with a clerk at the specialty shop, to acquire a listing of the products that are offered and their respective prices.

If you choose too little or too much of a fruit type, you will have trouble creating a balanced display. Think about the density and size of each fruit type and use this information to guide you when choosing how much fruit to order. If you have decided upon many fruit types, some being native to one part of North America and others being native to another region, consider preparing multiple trays and use specific fruits for each one. 

Use Garnishes and Strategic Placements

Pick up your fruit order the day before the social function and store the items in your refrigerator. You can use a wicker basket lined with parchment paper, a metal tray that is a contrasting color to the fruit, or a platter with handles to spread and display the fruit. When you are ready to fill each tray or holder, rinse off your purchases and cut large pieces of fruit, such as melons, into bite-sized chunks. Make sure that all of the pieces are uniform in size.

Leave bananas, strawberries, and other soft fruits intact, to prevent the fruit from becoming mushy and having an unappetizing appearance. Lay the larger pieces of fruit around the smaller pieces and group the fruits by type, instead of mixing the fruit types. Use fresh lettuce leaves, kale, or parsley to create a border around all of the fruit. If you would like to add a decorative element to the center of your display, choose the top of a pineapple as the garnish.

These are a few ideas for displaying a fruit platter. Contact local companies that supply fruit platters for more information or assistance.