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Finding Great Vendors For My Restaurant

Everything You Wanted To Know About Chimichurri Sauce

by Simon Best

One of the greatest advancements of the 20th century may just be greater access to recipes and foods from around the world. As Americans, we can now branch out from apple pies, hamburgers, and casserole dishes. Television and the internet bring us tasty creations from every country with instructions on how to make them in our own homes. Chimichurri may be one of the best of these imports. 

What is chimichurri sauce?

Chimichurri sauce is a savory, green sauce that is commonly used as a condiment on steak. It originated in Argentina. The uncooked sauce is also good on top of vegetables and when used to dip crusty bread into.

What is chimichurri made of?

Chimichurri sauce's fresh taste comes from the bunches of fresh parsley used to make it. The parsley is chopped and combined with red wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, and other seasonings. 

How long does chimichurri last?

Like any uncooked sauce, a batch of homemade chimichurri should last up to three or four days in the refrigerator. If you have a store-bought version or happened to find wholesale chimichurri sauce, it should last much longer. Check the bottle for an expiration date. 

What is the difference between pesto and chimichurri?

Pesto and chimichurri are both green-colored sauces with parsley and garlic, but that is where their similarity ends. They are very different in taste. Not only is pesto Italian in origin, but it also has a milder, creamier flavor. This is from the Parmesan cheese and pine nuts that are used to make it. Chimichurri, on the other hand, has a distinct tang due to the addition of red wine vinegar.

What side dishes go well with chimichurri steak?

Anything that you would normally serve with a steak dinner will work when you serve chimichurri with your steak. Baked potatoes, roasted potatoes, and even French fries all pair nicely with the green sauce. 

Is chimichurri spicy?

Chimichurri sauce is not spicy or overly garlic-y. It simply adds a tangy, fresh flavor to meats and vegetables that is distinctly Argentinian. It is important, however, to note that there is a version of chimichurri sauce from Uruguay that has red pepper flakes added, making it considerably hotter.

If you haven't tried chimichurri sauce before, you are missing out on one of Argentina's most flavorful exports. Expand your taste buds the next time you grill a steak and skip that brown steak sauce for the fresher chimichurri sauce instead.

For more information, contact a wholesale chimichurri sauce supplier.