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Finding Great Vendors For My Restaurant

When I opened my first restaurant, I realized that the food needed to be impeccable. Instead of worrying about food costs, I zeroed in on the best vendors and gave them my business. The rewards were incredible. Customers absolutely loved the food, and they just kept coming back. Five years later, my business is running strong, and I owe it all to those initial business relationships with vendors. Check out this blog to learn why food vendors are so important, and how to choose between multiple businesses. You never know, it could transform your restaurant for the better--so that you can protect your investment.



Finding Great Vendors For My Restaurant

Tips For Shopping At An African Grocery Store For The First Time

by Simon Best

You might have shopped in a lot of different grocery stores over the years when buying food for yourself and your family, but you might have never shopped in an African grocery store before. If you are interested in shopping in one of these stores, then you might be hoping to get a little advice that can help you have an excellent shopping experience. These tips should make it easy for you to enjoy your experience when shopping in an African-style grocery store for the first time.

Try Stocking Up on Seafood

Many African and Caribbean dishes are seafood-heavy, and because of this, many African grocery stores sell a lot of fish and other seafood. If you are looking for fresh, flavorful, and delicious seafood, buying it at an African market might be your best bet. Plus, in many cases, pricing is lower on seafood items in these grocery stores in comparison to mass-market grocery stores, and you won't have to worry about going through the hassle of stopping separately at a fish market, either.

Buy Items for Your Spice Rack

Another thing that you should definitely consider is stocking up on spices when you visit an African grocery store. If you want to make delicious African and Caribbean dishes, then you're going to need the right spices. Plus, once you try some of the spices from an African grocery store, you might find that you want to start implementing these spices in some of your other favorite dishes, too. You might want to stock up on things like saffron, fenugreek, and pre-mixed seasoning blends so that you can add African and Caribbean flavor to whatever you are cooking.

Check Out the Fruit Drinks

If you are looking to try out some new beverages, you should definitely check out the chilled fruit juices and fruit beverages that can be found in many African grocery stores. You might find that you enjoy them more than your current favorite juices and sodas.

Find Out if They Have Pre-Made Food

Just as many other grocery stores often sell pre-made food -- such as in the bakery or deli section -- the same is true for African-style grocery stores, too. If you would like to try some of the exciting dishes that are popular in African countries, such as stews or prepared seafood, then you might want to check out what is available in your local African grocery store. Then, you can try authentic and delicious food, and you won't even have to worry about the hard work of cooking dinner, either.

Check out local African-style stores to start trying new foods.