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Finding Great Vendors For My Restaurant

When I opened my first restaurant, I realized that the food needed to be impeccable. Instead of worrying about food costs, I zeroed in on the best vendors and gave them my business. The rewards were incredible. Customers absolutely loved the food, and they just kept coming back. Five years later, my business is running strong, and I owe it all to those initial business relationships with vendors. Check out this blog to learn why food vendors are so important, and how to choose between multiple businesses. You never know, it could transform your restaurant for the better--so that you can protect your investment.


Finding Great Vendors For My Restaurant

Who Should Use Pine Pollen Tincture?

by Simon Best

Pine pollen tincture is a health supplement that is quickly gaining popularity. It's basically the active compounds in pine pollen extracted into an alcohol base. You use it by placing a few drops under your tongue, holding them there for a minute or so, and then swallowing. Pine pollen is known for increasing virility and testosterone levels. But who should take it?

Older Men

As you grow older, your testosterone levels tend to naturally decrease. Some men get testosterone supplements from their doctors in order to counteract this effect. But if that seems a little too intense for you, taking pine pollen tincture could be a good alternative. You'll get many of the same benefits as the pine pollen will help raise your testosterone a little. However, you should not have to be as worried about taking too much or developing unwanted side effects. Taking pine pollen as you grow older can help maintain your libido and energy levels. It may also make it easier for you to keep your muscle mass up.

Those With Mild Erectile Dysfunction

If you have moderate to severe erectile dysfunction, you should probably talk to your doctor about more intensive treatments. There may be an underlying condition that needs to be addressed, too. But for milder cases of ED, and for the occasional bout of ED, pine pollen tincture can be a good remedy. By boosting your testosterone levels just a little, the tincture can make it easier for you to achieve and maintain an erection. Some men like to take the tincture regularly. Others have luck simply using it an hour or two before they plan on engaging in sexual activity.

Those Worried About Their Immune System

While the most-discussed benefit of pine pollen tincture is an increase in libido and testosterone levels, many also believe pine pollen may help stimulate and boost the immune system. This is thought to be due to the high levels of various vitamins and minerals in the tincture. You can therefore use pine pollen tincture during the cold season to help strengthen your body so you can fight off infectious illness. Or, take it after someone in your home has been sick.

Pine pollen tincture is pretty widely available. You can find it at most health food and supplement stores, and also from various online vendors. If you fall into any of the categories above, it's worth giving it a try.